Katy Perry drops by the Peculiarium

What a crazy, wonderful surprise  we had, as we hosted an impromptu, private tour for Katy Perry and Carly Rey Jepsen and their dance company at the Peculiarium. Bug Sundaes were on tap, and Katy bought a display right off the wall about none other than Tanya Harding! Couldn't have been nicer and more fun, ya'l come back, now, ya' here! 

Green screen fun!

Got a hold of some of the Wonka fizzy lifting drink way beyond the expiration date. Never again. 


Happy Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th! Here's a piece from the Feline Familiars @reduxpdx on Burnside, it's a fabulous show, if you are cat inclined, thrilled to be included.

purfect eve sm.jpg